MoneyToday Review – Instant Payday Loans

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What is MoneyToday?

MonetToday is a service that enables you to secure instant payday loans without much hassle. It has an easy-to-fill online application for those seeking low interest personal loans. The simple loans aggregator picks your details and takes them through a search engine to evaluate your situation to come up with the best instant payday loan for you. You get an option of negotiating and receiving your low-interest loan within hours. Money Today is one of the few payday loan companies that has a decade of experience in offering instant payday loans having been founded in 2006. Its headquarters are in the US and offers a various loan amounts with distinct repayment terms and rates.

Service profile – Instant Payday Loans

instant payday loans

instant payday loans

If you wish to borrow a loan through Money Today, you will not do it directly from the company. Money, Today lending experts, will familiarize you with the suitable financial products available for you which you can work on without any costs attached. You will fill a short online application which provides instant payday loans ranging from $100-$10,000+. You’ll fill your preferred amount without any specified limit. You will also include your bank account information as well as payment. You may also be required to give out produce paystubs, W-2 forms, bank statements, SSA-1099, Proof of income and proof of identity. Money Today will then connect you to a lender in your area who will assist you in reviewing the loan terms. This will help you in making an informed decision whether to agree or reject the loan. On agreeing, the transaction should be completed within duration of 24 hours.

It’s important to note that Money Today asks for basic personal information. However, the lender that you’ll be connected with might ask more detailed personal information from the things mentioned above. This information is well protected and cannot be shared without your consent.

Repayment terms

The turns of repayment of the instant payday loans vary depending on the lender you use. If luck is on your side and you meet a certain set of requirements, your APR may even begin at 260.71% and the repayment period may be up to 36 months (3 years). The APR limit is 1825%. There are no repayment penalties with money today.

Penalties due to late payment or non-payment

Money Today understands that various unfortunate events such as divorce, illnesses or unemployment among other events may occur halting your repayment. However, if anything occurs, you should not shy off from your lender but contact them and explain the crisis. You may be surprised realize that the lender may decide to adjust your repayment schedule or even refinance your loan. However, these options may increase the loan interest and entire fee. Late payment and nonpayment of loans attract additional fees or even collection activities.

You should borrow responsibly knowing that a short term loan is only used for short-term financial needs and not as a long-term financial solution.


There are very few lenders that offer instant payday loans in the shortest duration as Money Today. While Instant Payday loans have been lately criticized for creating numerous financial problems, Money Today has statistical proof supporting why people need the instant payday loans over the other options. Money Today matching promise is what puts the company on top of other lenders which states that you can secure a loan which fits you your budget despite your credit status.


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